Arm Chair Traveling

The show Antiques Roadshow is like going on a trip to multiple places around the world. Roadshow can be addicting, waiting to see if the painting that someone bought for $50 is actually worth $50,000. Then they immediately scan to the next objet d’art or piece of memorabilia or furniture and you are hooked all over again, wondering what are the details, how much is it worth and how much did they pay for it.

It is almost like smoking. They say smoking is so addicting because each time you take a puff, the nicotine affects the brain almost instantly and so you are constantly getting little mini highs with each puff. Each new item on the show brings its own little high.

The show is also educational. You find out so much about certain styles or periods of paintings, ceramics, glass, toys, musical instruments, silver, jewelry, posters, sports memorabilia and other objects. Along with that you usually pick interesting tidbits about different periods of history. It is also useful if you plan on doing any antique shopping because they point out forgeries and knock offs. Also, what can decrease the value of a piece, whether it be a scratch or a piece missing. It all makes traveling more interesting because you are understanding more about what your are seeing when you do travel.

The backstories for many of the objects is also fascinating. A sword was given to their great grandfather by Ulysses Grant and things like that. Oops, the sword wasn’t made until after Grant’s death. Sometimes the stories pan out and add great value to the object or add interest at the least. You feel bad for the person on the occasions that they find out they don’t have what they think they have.

Then you have all the different locations. Not only around the US, but also in England. It is fascinating how the location makes a difference in what people bring in. In another way, it is also amazing how location doesn’t make a difference. Wherever the show is being filmed, someone will have something from England, France, Germany that may be several hundred years old. It is rather amazing how these objects, whether it is furniture or jewelry or paintings have moved all over the world and become somewhat homogenized in their distribution.